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Trained by power Vinyasa guru, Tamal Dodge, Ronnie brings the flow (Vinyasa) to Ageless Yoga with basic and power level classes.  Additionally, when he is not teaching beach yoga during the summer months, he teaches his very popular Hatha yoga class on Sunday mornings to the sounds of Billie Holiday.

As a practicing chiropractor for over 41 years; Ronnie has owned and operated several chiropractic/wellness clinics; treating tens of thousands of patients, as well as having trained amateur and professional athletes alike.  His advanced certifications in Applied Kinesiology and Metabolic Typing allow him to assimilate chiropractic techniques, neurology, muscle therapy and nutrition; affording his patients the latest in natural treatment.  It is no wonder he emphasizes proper alignment in his teaching.  Like Beverly, he leads a heart-based practice – emphasizing an “Ahimsa” consciousness (Sanskrit word meaning “to not injure”).

His professional experience in the world of wellness and his credentials lend themselves to instructing for Wilmington Yoga Center during their teacher trainings.  With over 2500 hours of yoga teaching behind him, he is afforded the ability to teach continuing education for instructors as well  by the Yoga Alliance.

Recognizing the essential role that nutrition, diet, exercise and other alternative therapies play in improving one’s health, Dr. Ronnie incorporates yoga into his personal wellness program; deeming it “essential” to his patients for spinal and postural rehabilitation.

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